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Benefits of Journaling - Mindful Reflection Through Pen & Paper

Journaling is probably one of the most simplistic and accessible tools used as a form of therapy, requiring nothing but a pen, paper, and one’s own thoughts. The word Journal itself, originates from the French word journée, which means “from sunrise to sunset”.

As someone who has always found great release through journaling, I found the origin of the word to be perfectly suited to how I use my journal; as a way for me to revisit and reflect on any and all events, conversations, feelings, or actions that happened to me from the moment I woke up, until the time I was lying in my bed with pen and paper in hand.

I also found it interesting how similar the French origination of the word journal is to the word journey, as I have always looked at journaling as a way to reflect, release, gain insight, and promote personal growth in my journey throughout life. 

Many researchers have found that journaling can be a great form of therapy or tool to assist someone in overcoming challenges in their life.

Transpsychological Experience is the scientific term that is used to describe these benefits of journaling. It is an experience that describes the therapeutic effects of self-discovery through active awareness, allowing the individual to access personal resources and promoting wholeness (Seaward, 2006).

Something that truly resonates with me when reading about the benefits of journaling was a quote from Seaward “Confessions of the mind lighten the burden of the soul”. Journaling can really give you the feeling of a weight being lifted from your shoulders, leaving you feeling lighter.

Even if it is to just release the clutter from your mind, placing those thoughts down on to paper, or if you simply want to document your thoughts or experiences throughout life, journaling is an excellent way to bring your attention to the present moment, be mindful of your thoughts, acknowledging them as they are, and simply letting them go onto the paper on which you write.


Seaward, B.L.(2006). Managing Stress: Principles and strategies for health and well being (5th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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