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Pure Spectrum

99% Pure CBD Isolate

99% Pure CBD Isolate

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Experience the pure power of cannabidiol with this 99% Pure CBD Isolate. This fast-acting CBD isolate is ideal for daily use, cooking, or enhancing your regular CBD intake to suit your specific needs. Sourced from organically grown hemp, this high-quality CBD isolate ensures you get the most effective benefits of cannabidiol.

Key Features:

  • Pure CBD: 99% pure cannabidiol for maximum potency.
  • Fast-Acting: Quickly experience the benefits of CBD.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for daily consumption, adding to recipes, or boosting your CBD regimen.
  • Organic Sourcing: Derived from organically grown hemp for purity and quality.

Available Sizes:

  • 1 Gram (1,000mg)
  • 5 Gram (5,000mg)
  • 10 Gram (10,000mg)
  • Bulk Sizes: Available upon request


  • Maximum Potency: 99% purity ensures you get the most out of your CBD.
  • Flexible Application: Easily integrates into your daily routine or favorite recipes.
  • Quality Assurance: Sourced from organic hemp and meticulously processed for premium quality.

Product Details:

99.99% Pure CBD in a powder form
Available in 1g (1000mg) or 5g (5000mg) or 10g (10000mg)
Nearly Tasteless
Third-Party Tested


99.1% Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate


Directions For Use:

Use the provided spoon to serve
Start with a pea-sized amount, and increase serving size as needed
Hold under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing
Use on an as-needed basis

Works best when paired with a longer-lasting product (Oil, Gummies, Softgels)

Pro Tip: Mix into your smoothies, add to your recipes while baking, or combine with your favorite topical/product for an added boost of CBD!

Elevate your wellness with our 99% Pure CBD Isolate, a simple yet powerful way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your life. Whether for daily use, culinary creativity, or personalized dosing, our CBD isolate is the perfect choice for pure cannabidiol.

Shop now and discover the difference that purity makes!

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