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This Chick Is Raw, founded by Brittny Schwartz, a pre-med student turned holistic practitioner, began with just a mission to improve family health, and has since expanded offering vegan, raw, and probiotic-rich products to anyone looking to enhance vitality and wellness using food as medicine!

Brittny's journey started in her dorm room, where she experimented with raw foods and fermented beverages to combat her own health issues. With over a decade of experience and mentorship from a veteran holistic practitioner, she launched This Chick Is Raw in 2013. Her products aim to address digestive problems, skin issues, and immune disorders, providing natural and beneficial nutrition.

This Chick Is Raw specializes in organic gourmet foods and beverages, perfect for those ending a fast or seeking an invigorating health boost. Each product is crafted with care, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness. Join us in experiencing the power of raw, living, and fermented foods for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Check out our Ayurveda collection to explore the transformative benefits of This Chick Is Raw products today!

Ayurveda | This Chick Is Raw