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Physical Tranquility | Sleep Remedy

Physical Tranquility | Sleep Remedy

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Physical Tranquility is for the physically restless and overheated sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night, leaving them agitated and unsettled the following day. This formula is inspired by the classic and popular Tian Wan Bu Xin Dang, and is particularly great for those who experience evening agitation, and have a feeling of being overheated. 

The formula is especially suited for:

  • Those who sleep hot throughout the night
  • People who find themselves physically agitated throughout the day and into the night
  • Beneficial for women in the menopause phase of their lives.

Physical Tranquility is typically used before bed to help the mind and body transition naturally to sleep. Simply add a scoop of the powdered herbs to water, stir and enjoy a blissful night of rest.

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